Dargroth's traditional war-song,
chanted by Patres and Marines
in their respective companies.

If lions come, we'll fight until the end
If tigers come, we'll fight and battle
If elephants come, we'll fight in rage
If humans come, we'll fight and obliterate

We, If lions come, we'll fight until the end
If tigers come, we'll fight and battle
If elephants come, we'll fight in rage
If humans come, we'll fight and obliterate

If you come as snakes,
We'll become eagles and fly over you
If you come as tigers,
We'll face you as Lionbears

If you with come evil intentions,
we'll give you a fight!
Ten of us will strike you as thunder
Hundred of us will shatter your hearts
Thousand of us will destroy and obliterate
Ten thousand of us will hand you the wrath of Heaven!

If you come as flood, we'll fight until the death
If you come swarming, we'll scatter you around
If you come flying, we'll shoot you down with our archery
If you come charging, we'll slice you with our swords

Let's cut through them as speed of flying falcons!
Let's burn within as the hearts wolves!
Let's stampede with our horses!
Let's defeat them with the wisdom of our ancestors!

Until their disappearance during the Bellrath Crusade, the Fire Watch followed the precepts of the Imperial Cult. Since it reappeared during the Constantinus Iconoclasm, the usual religious symbols have disappeared. Each tribe of Dargroth having their own beliefs and pantheon, it was impossible to group them into a "generic" cult. From then on, fire and its symbolism became the unifying element taking a prominent place on the equipment and vehicles of the chapter, but also on its combat doctrine.

Traditionally, the Chaplain bears the title of Patres and is named after the deity or spirit associated with the fire of the tribe from which he came.

Kolovrat Cult

Worship of fire (Pyrolatry) by the whole Fire Watch. Drawing its origin from the different religions of Dargroth, the cult is a synthesis of the relations of each tribe towards the fire in all its forms (flame, embers, lava, electricity…) and uses (forge…)

Instiled by 3rd Master Chapelain Barthimeus, shortly after the installation of the chapter on the planet, these beliefs took precedence over the Imperial Cult until it completely replaced it.

Among the rituals are the usual branding and scarification ceremonies.


As stated in the motto and implied by the name and icon of the chapter, the Fire Watch acts as a sentinel of the Segmentum. Making a point of honor to protect the inhabitants of the Imperium, it serves more often as a shield than many other chapters. However, over the centuries, the leaders of the human empire have been criticised, condemning corruption, class and power struggles, disinterest for the "small people"… The unofficial motto of the chapter being that "the Brother fight only for the dignity of the weak".

Thus, it is more and more frequent to see the chapter engaged with Xenos (mainly Eldars) against common enemies, or to protect these other races alone. The exclusive protection of Imperium worlds is no longer a priority for Rahmnus, especially since the 13th Black Crusade, the chapter is committed sector by sector to the pacification of the Segmentum. The main enemy races are Orks and Necrons.