Founding [early M37]

Founded right before The Great Cull by readings of the Emperor's Tarot, the Fire Watch role was to be a fleet-based standing force on the Veiled Region, with the purpose of patrolling its border and bolster the region's defenses considerably, should new threats emerged.

Taninim Crusades [678-714.M37]

As the Imperium sought to regain control over several lost regions located in the North-Western fringe, Fire Watchers and 10 other Space Marine Chapters were dispatched to the Taninim Expanse to destroy any threats that might be stirring there.

8th Black Crusade [999.M37]

With other imperial forces, the 5th and 6th companies of the Fire Watch pursued the Black Legion, trying to bring them to battle. Finally, on the forge world of Rithcarn, the Traitors instigated a massive uprising of the mutant workers, plunging the world into chaos and ruin. While the 5th tried to protect the remaining loyal forces, the 6th rushed to defend the council of Tech-Magi. The Black Legion got the upper hand, ultimately threw the council in the gears of their own manufactorums, along their defenders. Ensued a chain of explosions throughout Rithcarn, wiping completely the last standing company.

Bellrath Crusade [182-453.M38]

Alongside the Sons of Medusa and 6 other chapters, the Fire Watch engaged its whole force in crusade for the liberation of the Laanah Rifts, a dangerous and uncharted region located in the north-west fringes of Segmentum Pacificus. The ancient civilizations within the Laanah Rifts, isolated from outside human contact since the Age of Strife, provided stiff resistance to the Crusade forces. Within 50 years, the Crusade began to falter in the face of previously unknown Xenos species known as the Hellgrammite, hideous degenerate tribes and petty human empires who denied the rule of the Emperor.

Battles led the Chapter to Wormgyre, throne-world of the Hellgrammite race and their heretical bio-mechanical monstrosities. Protected by a shield of Warp-fire known as “Aetheric Fire”, the planet was impervious to attack throughout most of the Bellrath Crusade.

Unaware of this protection, Chapter Master Rayleigh planned a massive landing of his 10 companies at different coordinates. As soon as the warships entered the low-orbit, Void shields collided with Aetheric Fire. The shields energy were driven up past their normal maximum to provide greater protection but generators quickly burned out and rendered the shields inert. The vessels continued on their deathly slope, communications saturated with explosions, tearing metal and screams of agony. In his wisdom and with the Chapter Master's approval, Saint-Elm's Captain siphoned all available energy to the reactor and thrusters rather than the shields and so, managed to divert the fortress-monastery from its certain obliteration, although losing any propulsion abilities. The heavily damaged Saint-Elm silently drifted for several years in unredacted space.

.: Missing archives: Chapter declared Lost at the end of Bellrath Crusade, in 453.M38 :.

Ephraeleon Battle [492.M39]

A hundred of Space Marines sporting colors similar to the Fire Watch, but without any company or squad markings, faced the Waaagh! Wazdakka on Ephraeleon while the Craftworld Saim-Hann evacuated the Exodites. Nobody knows what happened to the fighters or the final outcome, but Wazdakka Gutsmek is still rolling.

Constantinus Iconoclasm [M41]

The Fire Watch unexpectedly reappeared at the beginning of M41, during the Constantinus Iconoclasm, where they operated in concert with Imperial forces. While they attempted to remain discreet from Imperial observers, no-one was able to miss the fact that they were displaying disparates weapons and equipements, as well as unconventionnal company marking.

In the wake of a war against an infesting Genestealer Cult, Nova Terra was plunged into anarchy by the renegade Space Marine Constantinus the Liberator, who renamed the world Constantinium. Following Constantinus' fall to Chaos and the addition of several Chaos Space Marine warbands to his forces, he began a war of conquest in the surrounding Viridis sector which he eventually conquered after a campaign lasting ten years.

Ultimately, Imperial forces arrived and after a thirteen year war reclaimed the world for the Emperor. The war itself only ended with the death of Constantinus at the hands of the Officio Assassinorum.

Magdellan Prime Civil War [143-151.M41]

A relief force consisting of Space Marines of the Fire Angels, Sons of the Kraken, Red Seraphs and Fire Watch arrive, to bring order back to the planet. The Battle Sisters of the Order of the Ebon Chalice had already begun a determined counter-attack against the Cult of Balthalamus, who plunged the planet into anarchy and bloodshed, and a victory for the Imperium is ultimately won.

During the same period on Belatis IV, the Fire Watch engaged the planet's numerous hidden chaos cults raising up against the Imperium authorities, following the coming of the Planet Killer, giving time to the Order to evacuate the key Ecclesiarchy's officials from the died planet and recovered several irreplaceable relics before departing upon the last transport.

Promethean War [980.M41]

Pitted on Heletine with many Cadian regiments (such as the Cadian 81st), Salamanders 6th company and Adeptus Sororitas Order of the Ebon Chalice against the Black Legion Chaos Space Marines, the Frostgard Company operated in Paeangi, purging heretics and chaos scum with ease, while extracting untainted citizens.

When Lord Gralastyx - a Daemon Prince leading the Chaos forces - unleashed a legion of Possessed Marines, Captain Asmund'r had to face hordes of vicious warriors. Fire Watchers stood firm, restlessly repelling every waves, resolution growing stronger as battle brothers were falling all the while evacuating people behind the bulwark of their vehicles. Once the last of them was put to safety, the remaining Astartes unleashed their fury, charged and eradicated the aberrations until the last one.

The survivors then rushed to Canticus to aid Salamanders and Cadians. As they were tearing the flank of the Black Legion, back to back with their allies, they witnessed the timely intervention by a small force of Seraphim (who had disobeyed Canoness Angerer's orders to abandon the Imperial strike force) and the appearance of Saint Celestine slaying Gralastyx personally.

With the death of their master, the Chaos Horde was quickly destroyed. When the dust of the costly victory had settled, the last standing Fire Watchers praised openly the Seraphims for their intervention, cutting short any ire their Canoness could formulate for disobeying.

Night of a Thousand Rebellions [992999.M41]

Massive outbreak of anti-Imperial rebellions, carefully seeded and stoked by Chaos elements. Contact was lost with large swathes of the Segmentum as Chaos Space Marine forces moved in to take advantage of the discord they themselves orchestrated.

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