Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Dargroth px
Segmentum: Pacificus
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Feral World; Adeptus Astartes Homeworld
Tithe Grade: Aptus Non


Dargroth offers a wide selection of landscape: lush greenery, harsh desert, soaring mountains, azure seas and multitude of isles. The mainland is divided in 3 nameless continent. The inhabitants of Dargroth are grouped in tribes, categorized either as “Dargan” (≈ sedentary) or as “Rothan” (≈ nomadic), giving the planet its current name.

Thanks to superstitions instilled following the Chapter's establishment, the inhabitants refer to their resident Space Marines only as “Fire Born”.

Map of Dargroth

The 9 tribes

Avioth Belcrest Frostgard

Due to the lack of basic ressources and its geographical position, Avioth had to specialize in mining and smithing rare ore, making the dargan tribe the cradle of Dargroth trading system. With no outstanding feud with any other tribe but hindered by rumors of piracy endorsment, aviothan merchants are tolerated everywhere. Their main enemies are the Skaven, with a lair just north of the stone-house village and their constant threat in galleries.

Rothans hidden in the luxuriant forest encircling a vast lake, Belcrests are always on the move and frequently struggling with local lizardmen for food. Their environment makes them extremly resilient and the tribe is well known for their intimadatly calm and silent warriors, the adage
“If you hear the sound of a Belcrest blade, you're already dead”
is a proof of that.

The Frostgard is unique in itself for it migrates from pre-established villages to another rather than moving the camp with peoples, which make it at same time dargan and rothan. The tribe faces few enemies threats, for the weather itself is its ruthless opponent. An old feud with Wolfsdale over the Crater ended with the Crater Massacre.
Brumhill Clovelly Drakenden

Brumhill is the most advanced dargan tribe, displaying for examples stone temples, paved road network and a good medical level. It's the first tribe that offered and concluded an alliance with another, depicting it as the wisest of all and displaying fair diplomatic skills, a reputation although tainted by rumors of human sacrifices.

The dargan population of Clovelly never stopped growing, to the point of waging war for territories and losing its main force for it, although it already occupies the biggest land portion. At the death of its longtime chieftain, his two daughters split the tribe: the oldest ruling Clovelly, the youngest left south and founded Braverock.

Settled on the smallest continent, the dargan Drakenden is the only tribe that never was at war with another, due to its isolation since the Marches. Perpetual struggles with Lizardmen make the populace overalert and fast-responsive, as the territorials scaly-beasts continously try to get rid of human presence on their island. The natives are used to tame and ride big reptilian mounts.
Kahari Wolfsdale Braverock

Rothan Kahari is constitued by multitude of minor clans. Should all clans unite, the tribe could have easily wage war on 3 other tribe simultaneously. Their rivalries, somehow, maintain the balance of the Dargroth tribes. Kaharis have an outstanding eyesight.

Wolfsdale is a dargan tribe renowned for the durability of their steel and high expertise of their blacksmiths. Most exclusively meat-eaters, a hunting party can take months to be back at its village.

Braverock is the rothan “sister-tribe” of Clovelly. Despite its young founding, it earned the “esteem” of the “Eights” through resilience and a face-to-face combat style, trained by the skaven proximity.


Colonisation [… M23]

The planet was colonised some time during the Dark Age of Technology.

Great Swipe [M23-M30]

During the Age of Strife, multiple civil wars erupted and the escalation lead to the almost total annihilation of it's inhabitants. The scarce survivors regrouped but new dissensions rose about the access and use to any remnants technologies. Several violent quarrels ensued, ending with the definitive destruction of any techno-knowledge, making the ancient time a slowly fading bitter memory for the elders.

The Marches [M23-M30]

New uprising conflicts forced the wisest survivors to create clans. Eight tribes parted ways with unresolved differences and began their journey toward new horizons, facing the hardness of long marches, limited resources, struggling with aggressive eco-systems and stiff landscape. Some found relatively quickly a good spot, others had to lose more members before settling in an area. Very few took the chance on their own, never seen after.
With only limited know-how, the tribes gradually regressed to Iron Age.

New threats [M23-M30]

First encounter with hostile species happened during The Marches. It's still not known to this day if these species were present on Dargroth since the beginning or born from the Warp.

In addition to these permanent threats, unhappy citizen gathered in gangs, battling for territory, or pirates creed raiding and pillaging tribes from the coast, travelling in rowboat called “Drak'r”. The biggest crews have a mix of humans and lizardmen fighters, with shackled skaven sheltered in the hull, manning oars.

Tribal Wars [M30-M38]

With new territory for each tribe, old grudges surfaced and inhabitants of Dargroth, once again, took arms against each others. Over time, small skirmishes led to much larger battles.

Wyvern's Pass lament: the Clovelly tribe, in need for more territories, pushed the lizardmen from Sharqi Peninsula toward the Brumhill territory, hoping to fragilised their defenses and finish the job in one single blow. Thanks to a well developped road network, sentries managed to warn the Brumhillan Chieftain who then sent his finest warriors counter the scaly-advance, which was stopped at Wyvern's Pass. After 2 days of unceasing fightings, the humans finally - and painfully - got the upper hand. But as the last battle was coming to its end, the Brumhillans shooked at the sight of new enemies: the Clovan army charging.
Brumhillans were worn out, Clovans boosted by their apparently successful plan and attacking full force. The outcome seemed predictable, if it wasn't for the insight of the Brumhillan Chieftain: a pact existed between Brumhill and Belcrest, the latter dispatched their army to support their allies. Clovans lost their advantage and the battle drove into a stalemate.
By the end of the 3rd evening in this deadlock, rattlings and clankings began to rise from the shadows, multitude of red beady eyes glowing in the setting dark. A wave of famished Skaven was building up and crashed on humans foes, who ended up fighting back to back for their lives, but were no match before the overwhelming vermines. The last standings warriors got save from a certain death only by the coming daylight. They went back to their tribes, leaving behind the few remains of their brothers on the desolated blood drenched land, at Wyvern's Pass.

Crater Massacre: a huge pirate coalition set foot in the Crater, in order to launch a raid south, on Wolfsdale territory, and perhaps establish a definitive base on the continental land. As always, self-greed and power lust don't work well with planned efficiency: the initial strategy quickly faded when half the scum-force decided to rather go north and lay waste in Frostgard.
While the “south raiders” advanced quickly and engaged Wolfsdale forces well deep in their territory, the “dissidents” first had to face the harsh climat of north lands, from icy strong winds and hidden crevasses. Picked one by one by the ruling tribe, they rapidly went back to regroup with others, pursued by well trained Frostgards.
Stunned by the raid, Wolfdales quickly gathered around their leader, launched a counterattack on the seamen, who had little choice but to retreat. The three forces clashed at the Crater's plain, each tribe treating the other like the initial salty-looters. The pirate force was utterly crushed between the fierce warriors, almost all their ships put in flames, but the bloodshed didn't end then.
Wolfsdales and Frostgards fought with unprecendent fury, large tower of smoke casting darkness on the battlefield, when all of a sudden, screeching noises emanated from the hulls of the last unharmed ships. A rumble answered from the moutain flank and Skavens were pouring like ashes erupting, the smokes hiding the harmful sun. Maddened by the blood spill, the ratface's tide was unstoppable and would have led to a total human annihilation if a young Wolfsdale warrior didn't put in fire the last drak'r: the shrieks of agony and the smell of burning furs of shackled Skaven terrorised the horde, which rushed up to Cis-Alpæ, leaving nothing but a handful of broken survivors behind.

Skyfall [448.M38]

The Saint-Elm, flagship of the Fire Watch, crash-landed on Mount Calcifer, a big mountain-island in the south Dargroth. The witnessing tribes feared the sky was falling, quickly blaming enemy clans, feeding the tribal wars more reasons to go on.