The Fire Watch is unusually structured, being split into nine separate and effectively autonomous Companies, each recruiting from one Dargroth's tribe. Its overall organisation is reasonably close to that laid forth in the Codex Astartes. When the makeup of these companies is totalled, the Fire Watch “notionally” end up with about the same amount of marines assigned to the various roles as a more straightforward Codex Chapter.

However, the Chapter have a particularly exacting recruitment and indoctrination process, which can result in a lower-than-average number of initiates at any time. On the plus side of this equation, the high wash-out rate does ensure the chapter has a large number of servitors.

Each Company is commanded by a Captain. Besides the official command chain, there sit the unofficial links of respect and tradition; the wisdom of the chapter's Venerable Dreadnoughts and their Techmarines, who group themselves together as the “Calderium”. The Calderium not only advises the Chapter Master, it keeps direct control over essential chapter resources such as the forges and apothecarion. This ensures chapter unity in focus, philosophy and materiel.

Indeed, the Fire Watch is noted to be a very unified chapter despite their tribal organisation. The chapter possesses extensive forge resources, allowing them to field an impressive amount of Space Marine equipment, in both number and variety. There is almost no pattern of vehicle or armour they do not possess, either through direct forging or battlefield scavenging. Fire Watchers favour exchange with Rogue Traders and explorers of House Vlahos.

Through their skills at techno-exorcism, they are always able to find use for unconventionnal equipment. Although they do not specifically look for Chaos weapons, this habit of recovery leads them to consider the Relictors with less hostility than other chapters.

Chapter manifest


The current headquarters staff as of 127.M42 are as follows:

Chapter Command
Rahmnus, Governor of Dargroth and Master of the Fire Watch
9 Fire Guards (one from each tribe)
1,200 Chapter Equerries and Servitors
Dhorfur, Master of the Forge
Shila, Master of the Apothecarion
Fleet Command
Abasi, Master of the Fleet
Arruns, Chief Librarian
Kuzma, Master of Sanctity


The current Companies and their Captains as of 127.M42 are as follows (in alphabetical order):

Avioth Company

Captain Torrym
Patres Hargrok
Apothecary Lotham
Standard bearer Tholmur

Belcrest Company

Captain Abbas
Patres Pawr'vat
Apothecary Yunan
Standard bearer Nivand

Braverock Company

Captain Tristyn
Patres Cadog
Apothecary Advorix
Standard bearer Drust

Brumhill Company

Captain Tiriaq
Patres Huracán
Apothecary Nahuel
Standard bearer Qillaq

Clovelly Company

Captain Aeron
Patres Pyredris
Apothecary Lugurix
Standard bearer Bricius

Drakenden Company

Captain Huang
Patres Zhurong
Apothecary Kwame
Standard bearer Hirosue

Frostgard Company

Captain Asmund'r
Patres Svarog
Apothecary Votan
Standard bearer Mørri

Kahari Company

Captain Rimush
Patres Hariq
Apothecary Nutesh
Standard bearer Enusat

Wolfsdale Company

Captain Østlund
Patres Ðelhus
Apothecary Ingvår
Standard bearer Skáar