BLISS is a common shape rock band :
a singer, two guitars, a bass and drums…
The band allows some studio adds like backing vocals, electronics effects or keyboard for rythm backup.
They hope be able to bring it all on stage.
The style's between a simple strong but efficient rock
( like Placebo, The Beatles, Supergrass ) and a melodic rock ( sometimes even psychedelic ) floating in a Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, Radiohead, Pink Floyd universe…
But most of all BLISS looks for their own style since two years now and the peoples who know them could notice that a deep change had occured.
Altought progressive this style metamorphosis is aging and the band's forming his own style more melodical, about mood and feelings, in more researched and tought structure.


( vocals, guitars )

Born in Nandrin, he's living for now near Malmédy where it's (too ?!) quiet and he's enjoying the non-polluted air for extracting from his torned mind all the poetry which make what BLISS is all about.


( lead guitar )

Lives at Strée, far from urban madness because after a work day nothing's better than silence. As a guitar expert he buys a new one in average every month and a half and he still looking for what he call "THE" sound, over and over…


( bass )

He lives in Tihange where he like going to the city looking for fun (…) ; this time to time rally pilot's loving sportive driving. Between his thesis ans his girlfriend, he manage to find some times letting a sweet melody rising from his fingers…


( drums )

Real urban guy from Liège center, he's sometime loving silence but he needs noise for living. What would be silence if noise doesn't exist?! Actually he's a noise specialist in packaged, graceful and smooth rhythm (depending on the song )…

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