Seven Tongues Of God is born in 2005 in Mons (Belgium). The band composed at this moment of Stef (guitar), Ced (bass) and Will (drums) finds its final line-up with the arrival of French (guitar) and Wanch (vocals). All the members are coming from different metal bands like X-Rated, The Artsake or Khymiah.

First step : write powerful songs and find out the identity of Seven Tongues Of God. There are a lot of varied musical influences but the main inspiration of the band is coming from the metal family. They respect bands like Pantera, Fear Factory, Meshuggah and other monsters from this familiy. The rules are power, energy, precision, intelligence, personality and efficacy.

Next step : share the music with the people ! The band is determined to reveal its universe to the world and play a maximum of shows for that. So, see you on the road !

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